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    Illustrator created pdf prints differently


      I created a pdf document in Illustrator and when it prints from Illustrator the text is a beautiful rich black (60,40,40,100) like it's supposed to be. Yet when I opened the pdf from my desktop and print, the text prints out lighter than its back page or other pdfs.


      Could this be a compression issue?


      Attached are the two pdfs to compare. The Buyz pdf is the one where the front page turns out lighter and the back page retains the rich black. The SmartBargians pdf is the comparison one in which both sides print beautifully.


      I've gone in to adjust the CMYK values three times just to double check that they are retaining the 60,40,40,100 and they are.


      I'm about ready to bang my head on my keyboard because I've had this issue for days and I thought it already was fixed with the adjust of the cmyk values.


      Thanks in advance for your help

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          John Danek Level 4

          I printed the "Buyz" piece, but the other file RIP'd to Postscript File without printing ( not sure why ).  I did notice on the prints I did that the front page was slightly lighter than the back.  Not sure why that happens, but in some rare cases, if you have some type of raster effects and/or transparency applied to elements in the file, then output becomes unpredictable.  Not sure how many layers, if any,we're talking about either ( not that it matters ). Total ink may be having some type of affect on the file, where 240 may be cutting it to the limit.  Typically, when I create a rich black I use 100K + 40C. It's enough to give you a little extra without getting into a color registration and/or total ink issue.  Personally, I like the way the front looks vs. the back ( where the font looks a bit out of sync ).  I've never encountered a problem like yours, wish I could help more.  Sorry.

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            I can't really help you except to say that using Output Preview in Acrobat shows the Buyz black is 60/40/40/100; the Smart black is 0/0/40/100.

            Dont't know why. Something in your print settings?