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    duplicating movie clip using Xml as database

      I am new to xml and require help for same. I have a world map where i need to place a circle ( movie clip) at different coordinates. I have data placed in xml as:

      <regions name="AS" value="14">
      <subregion URL="location.aspx?section=location&amp;amp;cityname=Bangalore&amp;amp;CountryName=India" name="India" value="Bangalore - 6" xval="150" yval="100" />
      <subregion URL="location.aspx?section=location&amp;amp;cityname=Bhubaneshwar&amp;amp;CountryName=Ind ia" name="India" value="Bhubaneshwar - 2" xval="100" yval="80" />
      <subregion URL="location.aspx?section=location&amp;amp;cityname=Chennai&amp;amp;CountryName=India" name="India" value="Chennai - 1" xval="200" yval="110" />
      <subregion URL="location.aspx?section=location&amp;amp;cityname=DELHI&amp;amp;CountryName=India" name="India" value="DELHI - 1" xval="10" yval="10" />

      I have created a movie clip as "dot_mc". Now i want to duplicate this movie clip, so that the X and Y position is taken from the XMl file ( xval and yval).

      I am stuck at this crucial point and want to finish it off at the earliest or else would be in soup. Please help.

      Thanks in advance.