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    Condition in email trigger NULL

    waycow Level 1

      I am trying to build a condition in a email trigger that checks to see if the value of a drop down. If it is null i dont want to send the email. However Im not sure how to check for NULL. I have done null conditions in php. However in this case it is taking null as a string not, NULL, the value.



      $upd_govmeetings->registerConditionalTrigger("{POST.enotice} !=  NULL ", "AFTER", "Trigger_EmailRecordset", 98);




      I have tried


      $upd_govmeetings->registerConditionalTrigger("{POST.enotice} != ". NULL, "AFTER", "Trigger_EmailRecordset", 98);


      That does not work, i get a boolean error.



      Any thoughts?