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    Email With Attachments

    waycow Level 1

      What i am attempting to do is when an update form is submitted, i want to email as an attachment the file that is the file field on the form. The addt does correctly once, but it only does it if the file is being uploaded.


      Meaning that if i come back to the update form with a file already present for that field when i update, the file that already exist for that record is not attached to the email being sent out.


      However with that same form, if i am to choose a new file to upload in its place, the file will be attached in the email, but only if i specify a new file.

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          Günter Schenk Level 4

          I *think* it should be possible by...


          a) establishing an additional recordset which references the current record´s filename field


          b) likewise establishing a secondary Send Email trigger which (using a Condition) only executes if the referenced filename field is not empty and which will attach the respective (means: existing) file to the Email