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    3D Box (bevel) effect in InDesign CS4


      I am trying to make a 3D effect drop shadow look for the images at the request of a client. Attached PDF is a sample. I do not want to do this for each image that I have on file for a job. Is there a script, plug-in or object style that I can use to set this up faster?


      Thank you for your help.

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          For those interested, answered in the general forum: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/464086?tstart=0


          The first script modifies the actual path of the frame holding the image, which is my preferred way, as it keeps the image + fill as a single object. But it doesn't work with cropped images, so I wrote another one that duplicates, modifies, then groups the image.


          As a side note for scripters that want to experiment: the check for a "Rectangle" is essential since it expects exactly 4 path points, and this is entirely different for other polygons such as ellipses, stars, triangles, and text converted to outlines. You're on your own if you'd like to run the script on one of these.