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    Problems installing AIR (help!)


      When I try to install AIR on my mac (10.5.7) it gives me an awesome message that says it is already installed. "This version of adobe air is already installed on your system."  IT'S NOT.  I've run spotlight and it can't find a trace of it anywhere on my HD, and if I try to download an air application such as Seesmic, it gives me the message "something went wrong trying to install this application. Please install the latest version of adobe AIR."


      So adobe tells me I have AIR but my computer and AIR apps tell me I need AIR...  Has anybody had this problem before?  Have a fix?


      Here are the messages:


      Picture 3.jpg


      Picture 2.jpg

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          I am on a PC, using Vista Home Edition 64 bit and I am having the exact same problem.  Screen shot errors are the same except PC   Please help!  This has been working well with my www.seesmic.com and ebay app but after updates the other day, it just stopped working.  Not sure if it is IE8 related or not as I heard tons of probs with it but I use Firefox anyhow. I am willing to pay someone to get this working for me. Please PM me.