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      Ahhh the search for the Holy Grail continues...Does anyone know anything about the dreaded 'Droverlord Frame Window' message when shutting AE down? Or maybe just how to avoid it? Stand on one leg, say my ABC's backwards while hula-hooping????? I find it so hard to believe that the good folks at ADOBE cannot offer a solution to such a bothersome glitch. Virus scan turns up nothing...can't believe I fell for that.



          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          Can you be more specific please ?


          What is your version of AE, have you installed the latest patch ? What are your computer specs ?


          Do you have the bug each time you exit AE ? Do you have this bug since the first time you istalled it ?

            Impulse Fire Level 1

            Slowly rub your computer's power supply while also polishing is disk drives. then add some lubricant to the hard drive. that should get things pretty heated up... no im kidding  but you should try re-installing it and if that doesnt work try updating all your video card drivers or ultimately threaten your pc with a bowl of hot wax and make the computer know that if it does not work you WILL pour that wax al over its components!!! or  you can wait for n adobe emplyee to respond.... either way....

              digabyte Level 1

              For the record, it happens in Adobe Premiere CS4.1 too.  I'm running a clean, legitimate copy of

              Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium on Windows 7 64bit, and a Windows Taskbar tab appeared with the title "DroverLord - TabPanel Window."


              Soon after the program froze up and crashed.  I restarted the problem, and at the risk of jinxing myself, everything seems to be OK, but that's a pretty scary name to pop up.  You might want to check into this problem that is far from an isolated case, Adobe.

                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                As Sebastien says, we need more information to help. What is the exact version number After Effects that you're running? Did you install the most recent update?

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                  digabyte Level 1

                  As stated in my previous post, Premiere Pro CS4.1.  Yes the most recent (back in May of

                  2009) update has been installed.  Additionally, I have Adobe Updater keep everything up to date.  You should also realize the link you posted was for an After Effects update, and this problem occured in Premiere Pro CS4.1.


                  My original post stated Windows 7, but I now realize this computer is actually Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit (service pack 2, everything up to date).


                  The machine is an Intel Core i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz with 12GB of DDR3 RAM running on an ASUS P6T7 mobo.

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    You posted this in the After Effects forum. Perhaps you will have better success with your Premiere Pro problem in the Premiere Pro forum.

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                      digabyte Level 1

                      I posted it in the AE forum because even though I experienced it in Premiere, it's the exact same problem that people are having in AE.

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                        ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

                        I can reassure you that the droverlords are a sweet group of people who mean no harm to anyone.


                        All 'windows' must have some kind of name, even if they are structural things people aren't supposed to see. In this case we decided to name one of the root level windows the "Droverlord Frame" after the project that created the shared UI code, Drover. A drover is a herder.


                        Anyways, you are seeing this error because the window has stopped processing events and Windows is upset about it. Since you are seeing this at quit, many things could lead up to causing it. But the most expected one is that you ran out of RAM at some point and the system started swapping. When the products quit, we generally need to peer at things before we throw them away, which can cause a large delay if things were swapped out to disk.


                        Are you using Dynamic Link?

                        How much physical RAM is installed in you machine?

                        What kind of frame sizes and files are you working with?


                        While annoying, this message all by itself is largely harmless.


                        Do you crash every time you see this message, or is that different?



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                          Possible answer in Premiere CS5.5, might help you guys too:


                          ... custom effect bins... That might be it.


                          Story goes.


                          I didn't have any problems.

                          Custom effect bin + effects.

                          Week - 2


                          Uninstall & reinstall

                          Nothing changes

                          Uninstall with "delete settings" & reinstall


                          Again custom effect bin.

                          Same thing (DroverLord, uninstall with settings, reinstall)


                          So, I'll try, does it work when not making custom effect bin.

                          I'll report after a week.

                          At least now it works

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                            digabyte Level 1

                            It seems I did have some custom effects bins set up when this was happening to me, so this could be a good guess!