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    Penner easing functions in Flex 4

    Chet Haase

      Anyone using effects in Flex 4 may have noticed a change in the way we do 'easing'; effects no longer take an 'easingFunction' reference, but instead take an instance of the new IEaser interface. This enables arbitrary type interpolation, more flexibility, more extensibility, blah blah blah and so on.


      The reason for this forum post is that anyone pining for the old Penner easing functions from Flex 3 (not all of which have been ported to the new IEaser world) might be interested in the wrapper class I posted in a blog entry yesterday:


      (the blog also explains a bit more about the hows and whys of the new approach to easing, and the wrapper itself is a sample of how to write one of these new easer classes).


      I also wanted to know from anyone using Flex 3 effects - do you use easing functions now? Do you have specific requests for particular easing functions in the new effects? The ones currently in Flex 4 are Linear (which is like the old Linear, but with additional acceleration/deceleration functionality), Sine (like the old Sine, but more flexible), and Power (which replaces Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, and Quintic). I think the wrapper in the blog above will be a good workaround for anything you need, but if there are additional easers that we should definitely offer in the SDK by default, it would be good to hear that now.