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    Display bug in the Flash update (10.0.2)


      So I installed the Flash CS4 update that was released in May and for the most part I'm happy with the changes.  There's at least one huge bug, though: the display doesn't update correctly when the start frame is changed on a graphic symbol via any means other than by typing it into the "first" box in the properties panel.  This may not seem like a problem -- how else would you change it, after all?  Well, by hitting "undo", for instance, after you changed it via the "first" box.  Or via JSFL.  That's the biggest problem for me: I have a bunch of JSFL commands I wrote that are pretty much integral to my animation process that changed the start frame of a graphic symbol, but the display no longer updates correctly when I use those.


      So my question is: has anyone else run into this problem?  I've encountered it on multiple installations so I'm pretty sure it's integral to the update.  Has anyone figured out a way to fix it, or at least a workaround?  Perhaps a way in JSFL to force a display update?



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          jendehaan Level 4

          Hi David,


          Thank you very much for letting us know about this one. I hate to hear about this, and have reproduced both problems and filed them internally.


          As for the JSFL, a workaround could be to manually select the Stage in JSFL:

          document.setSelectionRect({left:0, top:0, right:0, bottom:0});


          You could select an area of the Stage that contains the instance instead if you want it to remain selected.


          Hope that helps, and thanks again for reporting,


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            animator_geek Level 1

            Thanks, that did the trick for the JSFL.  I had, in the mean time, discovered I could use another workaround: temporarily changing the current frame.  That didn't work as well as yours, though, since it didn't work when the timeline was only one frame long.  Anyway, thanks!