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    So slow...


      Hi All,


      I have been using CF Builder on two different computers since it's public release a couple of days ago and I'm finding the editor very slow. Just typing text in seems to have a delay on it, it then take a while to applying color coding and the code hinting is almost unusable.


      I've been looking forward to CF Builder for a while now and at the moment I'm very disappointed... Anyone else having a similar experience?


      Kind regards,



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          Yes. You aren't alone. There are several other threads here voicing similar thoughts...


          There are certainly some impressive capabilities, even given its beta status, but there are also some areas that feel more like pre-alpha than beta and there are some underlying decisions about platform and OS support that position the product (at least at this beta stage) as something not all that useful and therefore something we likely won't be purchasing.

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            Dipanwita S Level 1

            Hi Andrew,


            I am surprised and concerned to know that you are finding the editor very slow while editing. We have done considerable work in improving the editor performance for very large files. But editing should be pretty fast for small or average sized files. Are you saying you are facing this for any file that you edit? Could you please log a bug with some more details like how big your file is, your workspace, what configuration you are using etc. Also, you may copy the file content in bug repro section and point out if you find any particular operation slow, for example, colorization, content assist etc.





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              Please check Adam's blog post at http://www.adrocknaphobia.com/post.cfm/update-your-coldfusion-builder-beta-settings-for-fl ash-builder-4-beta


              Some users have reported better CFB performance after changing settings as per the post.

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                Christine Panus

                I updated my ini file to match the settings listed in the blog post you referenced.  However, I'm still seeing the issues mentioned above related to the syntax highlighting and code hinting.  I know that the cfEclipse regex for syntax highlighting took quite some time to perfect and I remember a beta version of CFEclipse that had very similar performance issues to those we are experiencing now in Bolt.  The specific performance issues we're looking at don't seem to be related to java/startup settings but rather are issues with the app itself. Unusuable seems a bit harsh, but I do admit that I can only beta test a couple of hours at a time before switching back to CFEclipse.

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                  Dipanwita S Level 1

                  Hi Christine,


                  Are you by any chance using CFBuilder and CFEclipse as plugins to the same setup? We have not tested the co-existence and it is not supported officially. Also, it would be of great help if you post some specific code samples/files wherein you do not see colorization and code hinting working properly. You may directly mail the sample file/code to me at dsarkar@adobe.com.





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                    Christine Panus Level 1

                    I have two separate eclipse installations, one running CFEclipse and Flex 3 the other running ColdFusion Builder and Flex 4.  I updated the INI file for the ColdFusion Builder/Flex 4 version of the app.  I will be sending you more information on the color coding issues I've found.

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                      I'm afraid even after installing latest beta of CF Builder, i'm still getting very very slow performance in comparison to say dreamweaver CS3 editing of Coldfusion code.