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      Anyone have any ideas on what the pricing on the final CF Builder product is going to be like?


      Maybe Adobe will give it away to encourage people into developing for the CF platform? They keep saying that is what they want to do and I think a free IDE would be a great way to help that.


      Any thought?



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          I would assume the tool will be released for free. CFEclipse provides most of the same functionality.

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            Ron.Stewart Level 1

            I don't think the assumption that it will be free is a valid one. Adobe has never said or even hinted at that.


            In a Webinar last week, one of the Adobe reps indicated that it was not going to be free in fact. I think a safer assumption would be that it will be priced comparably to their Flash Builder product, but even that is just a guess.


            As far as functionality goes, there is some overlap there -- significant overlap, perhaps, when it comes to editing source files, but there are also significant differences between the products (both in features and in the platforms they will run on).