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    Webservices operation can not be found

    Dinghus Level 1

      I've got a webservice and for some reason I can not access the 2nd method in it. I get this error message :

      Web service operation "DoComment" with parameters {donomite} could not be found


      Now what is crazy about this is that the first method in the cfc works perfectly. So is there a restriction on calling methods from cfcs remotely? Only 1 per cfc?


      BUT if I hit it directly via browser it works fine too.


      Here is the URL for the test page I'm now trying to get to work. http://www.donomite.com/testwsdl.cfm

      As you can see the first one works. The 2nd one does not. The 2nd one right now is just supposed to take the input string and return it.


      Here it is the url for hitting it directly :



      Here is the cfc code.