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    Backspace Lag


      One thing that drives me crazy is when holding down the backspace key to remove a set of previously typed characters, the cursor doesn't respond and once you let go of the backspace key, you come to the realization that you have deleted more characters than you would have liked.  This has also been a problem in Dreamweaver.


      I do not have this issue with any other type of editors including CFEclipse.  Anyone know if there's a work-around or whether there's a setting that can adjust this?  Driving me nuts!!!  I realize it seems like a simple little thing but when you code things for long enough, believe me, it becomes a nuisance.


      Any suggestions?



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          Dipanwita S



          It indeed sounds like a nagging issue. Is it happening for a very large file having more than say, 5000 lines of code? In that case, you might have some delay while editing or backspacing but even then it should not lock up the editor or type/delete characters in bunches. Please log a bug with sample code and repro steps so that we can try to reproduce it here and investigate.