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    Can the FileReference download *really* handle any file type?


      From what I’ve read about the FileReference class, it should be able to handle any file type. I haven’t had any problems downloading .doc, .xls, and .pdf files, but I do get errors when trying to download .xml and .txt and .log. Here’s an example of an xml file that won’t download:


      <?xml version=1.0 encoding=”UTF-8″?>
      <title>A Tale of Two Cities</title>
      <author>Charles Dickens</author>
      <author>Jane Austen</author>
      <title>The Count of Monte Cristo</title>
      <author>Alexandre Dumas</author>


      The error I get upon trying to download this file is “Error #2038: File I/O Error”

      Does anyone else have problems downloading with .xml and .txt files?