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    To produce a Blu-Ray movie disc with Pal Contents


      I shot with Panasonic AG-HPX170 (P2 Card) in pal DVCPROHD format.  Then put in Premiere CS4 and edited and output as mpeg2 1440x1080i.  Then started Encore and authored as a Blu Ray image.  Burned to a Blu Ray disc.  Put the disc to Panasonic BD30 bluray player which was linked by HDMI to LCD TV.  But the video quality on that TV became 576p.


      I try many times and pay special attention to encoding details and find nothing wrong.  Anything up to 1440x1080i pal.


      Then, I try to encode it as 1440x1080i ntsc.  The disc is played back as 1080i. And of course, the movie is not smooth as the source is pal but converted to ntsc.


      Could you advise how to make a good HD bluray disc from video in pal format?