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    run-time error


      I keep getting a run-time error while I am rendering my master timeline. Program freezes, then closes. Is there a fix for this?

      I have to restart my computer to even get Premiere to open after this crash.

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Soundblaster audio card by any chance?


          Make sure you update to the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime

          Redistributable package.  Google for that phrase and you'll get a series

          of links that apply to various operating systems.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Maybe this Adobe KB Article will help.


            Good luck,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Here's the Google Search Link.



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                jwoods65 Level 1

                I downloaded and installed the update for the forced quit


                I've been working on it all morning. Seem to be going in circles.


                Still freezing up


                Still keep getting winPathsUtils.cpp-427

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                  jwoods65 Level 1

                  I did that, restarted


                  Still freeze up and get : winPthsUtils.cpp-427


                  Been working on it several hours

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                    Eddie Lotter Level 4

                    I'm sorry you're having so much trouble.

                    Please provide these details to help us help you.


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                      jwoods65 Level 1

                      I installed Flash 10 after all the rest and I was able to render. Don't know if that had anything to do with it. Hope it lasts.


                      thanks Eddie



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                        Eddie Lotter Level 4

                        You're welcome.

                        That's an interesting development.

                        Should the problem return, please remember the link I provided. I am certain it will help you. If not then it also specifies the details that will help us help you.


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                          jwoods65 Level 1

                          unfortunately the error did return


                          this time there was a flash 9 plugin error attached as well as the cpp-427 error


                          I unistalled Flash 9, since I had installed 10




                          was able to render




                          I am concerned that in this program, it is taking so long to open the program and move through it-constantly restart, wait. . .


                          I get (not responding) all the time. Screen turns white, eventually letting me in to work. I am so afraid that the time required to work in the program is becoming a time bandit


                          the other programs are not running slow, I was concerned about corruption, but that doesn't seem to be widespread


                          I do thank you for hanging in there with me on this



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                            jwoods65 Level 1

                            Hi Eddie


                            My problem now is:


                            Stream type Invalid


                            software used to decode media not on system


                            Install correct decoder


                            Where do I get the right decoder?


                            My project is a photo montage of stills.


                            I am adding to an existing project. I was able to do this last year on the same machine.


                            I've never had so many problems.





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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              To make sure that I am following along correctly, tell if this is correct.


                              1.) you have an existing Project, that plays fine, Exports perfectly, and that all is good with.


                              2.) you are Importing a montage of stills, and this is where you get the error.

                                   A.) are these just still images, or have you edited and Exported them in some other format?

                                   B.) what is the format of these stills?


                              When one has problems with PrPro, it usually breaks down this way:


                              1.) System

                              2.) Assets

                              3.) Project


                              The lack of a proper CODEC would be a combo of 1 & 2. If you get this error, when Importing PSD's, JPEG's, etc., then it's probably under #1, System.


                              We need to know exactly what you are doing, and with what, when you get the error.





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                                jwoods65 Level 1

                                First, thank you for your time and help.


                                I am adding to a project that is an annual charity event-so each year I add the new photos from the previous event.


                                All of the pictures are stills, close to 1600 after 4 years. I have a motion background on the first video line of each timeline.


                                The existing projects were created in Premiere, built in Encore, and photos edited in PhotoShop. I've been using these Adobe products since they first came out. I taught these applications to the high school students we used to produce a live daily broadcast. Now I seem to be a novice who can't navigate the programs.


                                All my still import as jpg's


                                The previous project is 45 minutes


                                with added new timeline, is 63 minutes-about 3.2 gig


                                I just added 2 more gig RAM, bringing up to 4


                                My HD is 500 gig and not half full


                                Using Vista


                                I use a file server for storage and backup and I use Carbonite as an offsite daily backup


                                I bought and ran Perfect Optimizer to help with runtime error


                                I think if I could make each year's project and avi file, I could create the project in Encore with those files


                                I can't seem to make that happen. I think the project is too big, it takes about 8 minutes to open! I can't think how to make it smaller and get all parts on a timeline to send to Encore


                                I've made a project this long before, on a computer not as big as this


                                I know this is a lot of variables, just trying to include what I thought might help you to advise


                                Thanks in advance for trying to help me.



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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                  Are you Assets on your NAS? Even a gigabit LAN will be very slow, and if PrPro has to link to those Assets on a NAS, things can certainly go wrong.


                                  I also store media on my NAS, but Copy them over to the system HDD's for my Project. I never work with any originals, except for Captures from tapes, that I store. All other Assets, SFX, music, stills, motion backgrounds, etc., are copies and located on either an internal HDD, or a FW-800 external, if I need to move the Project between computers.


                                  I'm working with a Project with 2000+ sized stills (JPEG's), 100+ MOV files from FCP w/ Animation CODEC, 300+ Titles and about 70 AVI's. It runs for over 8 hours and is in 17 Sequences. It takes about 2 mins. to load, and edits smoothly. It is also on one of my FW-800 externals, so would be even faster on my internal HDD's.


                                  I do not think that the size of your Project is the issue, but more likely the location of the Assets, and possibly having only one HDD.


                                  Those are my "guesses."


                                  Good luck,




                                  PS what sizes are your still Assets? If much over the resolution of your Project, you might want to see this ARTICLE on resizing stills for better quality, plus better and smoother editing. It mentions PrElements, but is also for PrPro.

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                                    jwoods65 Level 1

                                    I put all of my assets for the project in a folder on the C drive. I do have it backed up on My home HD. I did plan well enough to keep them on the drive I was working on. I wish I had resized everything before I put them in the folders I am using.


                                    I am amazed that your project loads so well and doesn't freeze up. Everytime I navigate the mouse off the project screen and come back--it freezes. Then when I move again, it turns white-Program not responding. I don't remember ever having this problem.


                                    What in the heck can it be?


                                    I defraged


                                    Ran RegCure


                                    Ran Perfect Optimizer


                                    I don't think this is a virus because everything else works so good.


                                    Any ideas for checking out HD problems or a fix for PrPro



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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      From up thread, I seem to recall that you are running a single HDD. Is that correct?


                                      With a large Project, that puts a major strain on that HDD. It is being called to be in about six places at the same time. That can certainly induce horribly sluggish response. Everything that is disc intensive will have to wait, until all other read/writes are complete. Then, it all starts over again.


                                      That would be my only guess, but both an AV and a spyware sweep would not be a bad idea.


                                      Also, when you go to edit, you might want to eliminate all unnecessary processes. I use EndItAll2 to manage all unnecessary processes. Most have been eliminated via MSCONFIG. I also manually exit out of all anti-virus, pop-up blockers and spyware sweepers, because they will lie to EndItAll2, because that is part of what they do - keep Trojans and the like from shutting them down.


                                      Good luck,



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                                        jwoods65 Level 1

                                        Yes sir, running one HDD. This has been doing fine until this project. I can see I will need to improve this environment soon.


                                        Do you keep the programs on C and project and assets on D?


                                        What do you suggest as I plan for the future, when I can purchase another computer.




                                        I've done a spyware sweep. Maybe I should find another program to do that. I have Norton's that's suppose to help.


                                        However, I found 4 worms using Perfect Optimizer. I cleaned them all except for one that keeps showing up and doesn't delete. I don't know what to do to ferret it out and eliminate it.


                                        I would change platforms if I didn't have so much money invested in the PC software I use.

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                                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                                          Here is my system:


                                          C:\ OS, programs

                                          D:\ stock media Assets and Page File

                                          E:\ working media Assets

                                          F:\ Project and Scratch Disks

                                          G:\ Export

                                          H:\ stock media Assets (primarily Audio)

                                          I:\ Plextor multi-drive

                                          J:\ LG multi-drive

                                          K:\ thru Z:\ 2TB Maxtor FW-800 externals


                                          On new system, D:\ will be RAID 0 (Page File and all media Assets), G:\ will be RAID 0 (all Exports), H:\ will be RAID 0 (all Audio Assets), and I:\ will be large stock media Assets storage. Current multi-drives will move down, and probably a BD burner added.


                                          Good luck,



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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            I've found that Norton does a pretty good job with removal of nasties. However, some can be insidious. I turn OFF System Restore (do not forget to turn it back ON), boot into Safe Mode and run Norton (I do the same for SpySweeper, and also StopZilla), and run a full system scan. Because you're in Safe Mode and Norton works slowly there, I'd do this overnight.


                                            Also, Norton should give you info on the WORM's and Trojans with a link to a KB article about them. There might be other removal tools that they suggest. To date, these have worked flawlessly. Make sure that you follow the instructions to the T, as there can be certain steps, like turning OFF System Restore, that are necessary for them to work.


                                            Good luck,



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                                              jwoods65 Level 1

                                              I have hardware envy! No wonder yours opens so quickly. Here I am wondering about a 2nd HD for my next computer and you're dealing with C thru Z . You're going to have to go to the Chinese alphabet before long.




                                              I been trying to burn a dvd from the timeline in the PrPro just so I have something to use at the event, in case all else fails. It goes to a temporary file, but it will not burn. Nor can I get the project to export to Encore. I wonder if I can import that temp file as an asset into Encore? I really want to dress it up with a menu though. there will be 500+ people at this event. I want to look good, no great!


                                              I am noticing a slight pick up in speed-nothing to enter a race with though.

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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                I have forgotten which version of PrPro you have (unfortunately, the Jive editing screen does not let me see all replies, just the one that I am replying to), but if you are attempting to Burn from PrPro, you must have something older than CS3.


                                                If so, you will only have a very limited version of Adobe Dynamic Link. I would not use that.


                                                Instead, I would Export>Movie and choose to do so as an elemental stream of Video-only. Use DV-AVI as the format and the DV CODEC. Uncheck Include Audio, and make sure that this turns Multiplexing OFF. It should. This will Export just the Video portion. Direct it to a folder like "Finished AVI's." Now, do the same thing, but choose Export>AME and choose to Export just the Audio portion. Choose PCM/WAV as the format, and make sure that you Uncheck Include Video. Check that Multiplexing is OFF. I put these in a folder "Finished WAV's." [Note: you can do this with Export>Movie, also and only need to check Include Audio and uncheck Include Video. I just use AME, as I am doing DD 5.1 SS and need it to be from AME.]


                                                Now, when done, launch Encore. Set up any folders, etc. and choose File>Import As Timeline. Navigate to Finished AVI's and choose your file. Then, Import As Asset and choose your WAV from Finished WAV's. In your Timeline, drag this WAV file to it. It will snap onto the Timeline. Do your Menus, etc. or choose to have it Auto Play, and burn to DVD. If you have an issue, go back and choose Burn to Folder. This will create a Folder with the proper structure for a DVD-Video. Then, use the freeware program, ImgBurn to actually burn your DVD-Video. Use really good media, like Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden. [Do not use Memorex, or Ritek, or any store brands!]  Burn at the slowest allowable speed.


                                                Good luck,