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    Fix the Multiband Compressor

    Eric S 1 Level 3

      I posted this on the General thread, but this is definitely a "bug" fix issue.

      The Multiband Compressor (powered by Izotope) has a natural dip at around 1540Hz, meaning it EQs any waveform played through it.

      As I test I bypassed every single band and the limiter.  All thresholds were at 0;  the gains were at 0;  the ratios were at 1.0:1.  The Brickwall Limiter was not checked.  The Master Output volume was at unity gain.  I generated 10 seconds of pink noise, then analyzed it via the Frequency Analyzer window.  That is the green trace in the attached picture.

      Then I ran it through the Multiband compressor at the settings above.  That result is the red trace.  I even turned off the green ON button in the Multiband Compressor window, then hit the Okay button and it still came up with this result.

      I'm running Audition 3.0.1.


      This is definitely a bug and makes the plug-in absolutely useless.  Please fix this.