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    Images Folder in Project Manager Pod

    three_penguins Level 1
      I've imported some .html files authored in Dreamweaver to RH7. They import fine. When I look at the Images folder in Windows Explorer the image files did import correctly. When I output the files to WebHelp format the images are correctly copied to the output folder. So things are working but...

      Here's the part I don't get. In the Project Manager pod the Images "folder" is empty and there are also no images showing under "Baggage Files". This seem puzzling. Shouldn't imported images show up somewhere in RH?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Esch

          RoboHelp is mad at you for saying you are "stuck" with it, so it's hiding the images!

          Just kidding of course.

          Does your "Images" pseudo-folder list other folders inside? If so, the images may be there. If you are using Dreamweaver, it's a common practice to create a folder named "Images" for a web site and store your image assets there. I'd be double-checking what you see in the Images pseudo-folder and see if you find images inside a folder there.

          Cheers... Rick
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            three_penguins Level 1
            Yes, I do use Dreamweaver as my primary editing tool, then import to RH. The pseudo-folder has nothing at all, no sub directories, no files of any kind. The actual folder /images located at the root of the RH project does have all the images. Guess I should just be grateful it works when I compile it as WebHelp and not worry about the pseudo-folder. Just seems like the images should be there and doesn't seem to be a way to manually add them. It doesn't appear that any of the .apj files contain that information.
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              three_penguins Level 1
              I just tried closing the RH project and renaming the /images folder so RH would no longer recognize it. Then I opened the RH project and imported another .html page with the same images. RH showed a msgbox saying the names of each .jpg as being successfully imported. RH did recreate the /images folder and the .jpgs are there, yet the pseudo Images folder continues to show nothing.