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    Weird Crash due to Pattern Transition


      I have wracked my brain over this issue recently, and I wonder if anyone else encountered this problem. I am running Director 11.5 (build 596) on a recent MacBook Pro. Director crashed on me reliably after I imported a previous movie from a G4 Powerbook running MX 2004.


      Tracing the problem down, I noticed that a "Dissolve Pattern" transition was the culprit whenever I set the transition time to 0.25 secs or faster. At 0.3 secs and up the movie ran fine.


      As Macromedia/Adobe had not been able or willing to provide an easy crossfade transition in the 15 years since I began using Director, I used a Pattern Transition instead which had never given me any trouble until Director 11.5.


      It would be interesting to know if anyone can reproduce the problem. In case you wish to try, I added the movie "crash_test.dir", a simple slide show consisting of two pictures that you switch by pushing the left or right arrow key.


      Maybe this saves someone the 15+ hours I already wasted on this issue.

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Your file was crashing for me too on Windows XP,5,1,148,2,Service Pack 3 and D11.5.0.596 as soon as the playhead hit the first marker. I fixed this by moving the frame loop onto the next frame (after that in which the transition was occurring). My guess is that looping on a frame containing a transition was provoking the crash.

          The next problem I needed to fix was the keyDown -> navigation, which would take me back to the same transition depending on which key was pressed. This was also provoking a crash, though why drawing a transition between the same picture would cause this I have no idea. In short, your file is fixable but I think you've found a bug nonetheless.

          FWIW I reproduced your file in D10 and if either of the conditions above are true it also crashes, so this isn't a new bug.

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            muckibuck Level 1

            Thank you, Sean. That was a quick response. So I could have avoided

            the problem with a more careful look at my programming approach

            (looping on a transition is not a good idea - now obvious to me).


            I am glad there is a fix. I had already suspected a major system