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    Multi-track view option to save selection of mulitple tracks


      Hi,  I'm not sure if there is another way of doing what I am doing but if there is please tell me!  ... If theres not then this should be a valid enhancement request for a future release ... This is what I am currently doing to create samples:  Working in Multi-track view I am making a selction accross tasks and then when I am happy I write down the begin and end of my selection. For a 5 minute piece thats alot of writing down! ..(I have 50 or so numbers) .. I then switch to edit mode for each of the tracks that I want. I then punch in the numbers to make my selection and use the save slection option to save the sample to my folder typing the numbers into my filenames so I can keep track!  ... In order to get the samples I want from a typical 5 minute piece it can take me days and is very soul destroying! ... So .. to my enhancement request .. once the selection is made in multitrack view it shoud be possible to save all selections as seperate samples using a file naming convention made up of the track name and the begin and end numbers... QED ...This would be brilliant! .....menawhile, back to the slog until someone puts me out of my misery!  ...alan