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    3D rotation tool (Flash CS4) bug/distortion


      Hi all,


      I'm using adobe flash CS4 and I used the new 3D tool to create an animation
      that will turn a picture 180 degrees.

      Doing it this way:

      1. import picture to stage

      2. convert to moviclip

      3. right click and select "create motion tween"

      4. under transform: -180 for Y

      I pretty much followed the tutorial from here.


      now this works fine as long as you do it on a blanc canvas (stage) with just one layer.

      However when you will do the same on a stage with previously added layers

      it will distort making the rotation look really weird.


      It also seems that placing the same picture with the same rotation properties

      on different places trough the stage will result in different rotations.





      Could anybody help me out on this one ?


      screenrecoding here for an example:


      Thanks a ton in advance !