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      I've seen this topic get quite a kicking around on these formus, and I've been struggling with this one since February.  I would see media pending anytime I imported HDV footage.  I would see it when I added certain effects like 'Solid Composite" and then prerendered the footage.  I worked with Adobe and they were pretty much useless.  I figured out some fixes on my own, like I noticed that I could capture and work with HDV but couldn't import it.  That was related somehow to those XML files the capture created.  I discovered that nesting footage would help.   I tried avoiding HDV altogether converting my HDV to H.264, but those files can get very large and the conversion can take a LONG time.


      Yesterday I found out what may be causing this.  First of all, if you don't use Windows this won't apply to you.  As an After Effects user, I have always turned on the /3GB switch in my boot.ini so that AE can get more than 2GB RAM.  I've been doing this for years and this has never been a problem.  After reading somewhere that it can have a negative affect on a system with a video card that has 1GB RAM, I decided to experiment.  To my amazement, it solved all those media pending problems that I had.  So far so good, I can import HDV, I can prerender without nesting, I can apply effects to my hearts content, and there is no sign of the problem reoccuring.  It has only been a day, but given the fact that these problems were 100% reproducable on multiple systems with different hardware and different CS4 revisions and now they are gone, I'm pretty optimistic. Hope this will help many of you.  I am curious if it does so let me know.