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    Opacity mask never makes object 100% transparent



      I´ve got strange problem with opacity mask.

      I want object to go gradiently from 0% to 100% transparency - and it works and is displayed correctly - unless I raster result into Photoshop. Then, it looks like left part of attached picture - object is never 100% transparent. If I raster file through Adobe Acrobat, result is correct, as is shown on the right part of image.


      What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks for your help

      Jiri Kafka


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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          I can easily reproduce the bug and that is what it is a bug.


          If you copy and paste or even if you place the pdf and I assume the Illustrator file into a photoshop document and probably open the Illustrator file in Photoshop you will get the same result it will not fade to complete transparency.


          However there is a work around which is to File>Export>Photoshop then open or pace that docuent and all will be as expected.


          You are not doing anything wrong it is a bug.


          How it has gone on so long without anyone noticing it is beyond me and I would say this is a Photoshop bug but it is not likely they will admit it

          and so exporting to psd rather than pasting, placing or opening in Photoshop is the work around.


          Placing or opening the pdf in Photoshop will not work because of the way photoshop translates the the mask in too fine a way where as Illustrator exports to psd just fine. That is why I call it a Photoshop problem.