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    Rendering Stills

    mtechman Level 1


      I am using the adobe media encoder to render my video (the default codec thats come with it).

      I have my custom settings to minimize compression cuase recompressing the already over compressed video

      from my camera makes bad videos. Any how my production has stills and video.

      When watching the final video the stills play for 4-5 sec and I see the image "jump" on the  at about 2sec into each still.

      Does anyone know what would cause this?



      The setting I am using in the media encoder are:

      Quality 5


      29.97 drop frame (what does non-drop frame)

      Field order Upper


      VBR, 2 pass

      min bit rate 4

      target bit rate 6

      max bit rate 9

      M frames 2

      N Frames 8