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    Illustrator vs. Vista?


      I have been unsuccessful in installing my old Illustrator 9 with my new computer with Vista.  Is it an Adobe issue?  Windows issue?  My own issues?  Is there a solution?  Thanks much!

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          [scott] Level 6

          Well.... Ai9 is a ~1999 app. Vista is a 2008 OS.


          There are many applications made in the 90s that don't run on modern operating systems.


          I would say it's a "problem" specifically. Basically you're trying to run ancient stuff on modern architecture. Time to upgrade Illustrator.

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            JayJhabrix Level 3

            I think there's a compatibility mode issue... try right clicking on the exe file and in properties opt for the "run in 32bit compatibility mode" or some such... i don't have Vista so i can't be more specific.


            Hope it points you in the rght direction at least...