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    Conforming .M2TS file?

    akcorr Level 1

      Although I've had PE for a little over a month now I just started to get to know the application.  I'm trying to edit a .m2ts file recorded from my Happauge HD PVR.  The sound format is in AC3 5.1.   When I import the media I see down to the bottom right that it's 'conforming' the file.  I think it's working since I've noticed it's IO reads is still pushing data but its extremely slow.  Is this normal?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It may be. It depends on your system.


          That unit records in AVCHD format video, which is the most challenging video format to edit. Most people who are doing it are running quad core machines with 4 gigs of RAM -- and they still have to wait for it to conform!


          It's one of those unfortunate cases in which camcorder technology way outpaced the personal computer's ability to support it!