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    Ultimate DVE?


      Hi all..I am looking for the ultimate DVE plugin...I am looking for most of the features you get with matrox's DVE but of course with stability...

      It would be cool if it was interactive in the preview window, could play with the audio for timing adjusting, can see hwat is beneath it on the layers...near realtime preview or better, integrated shadow, border, crop and warp...Ok its more like the old velocity DVE...really i need something to replace matrox...how bout it adobe there have been zero improvements since day one in "perspective"


      What do people use..? tried Boris but I don't get the background.when I am editing plus it renders like a dog...tried NewBlue video 3 but it too seems to be confused about layers and isn't actually freeform any way, seems like preset only?








      i920 chip in Pt6 v2

      win xp

      4 gig ram

      nvidea 9600GT

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          What do people use..?



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            jdroadie Level 1

            Thanks Harm,


            sure you can...but it is a bit removed....having the dve right there in the timeline like some other apps that are made by other companies that start with A  is usually faster especially when the client is present....

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I've not found any third party effects that can touch what Matrox offers.  The problem is you have to use their hardware to get them.  Much as I love the effects, it ain't worth the hassle of using their hardware.  I'd rather just do without.

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                jdroadie Level 1

                I am tetering on MX myself...


                I was playing more with Harms afterFX suggestion, it was unthinkable before the i920 chip now it may be the case for some projects....my further question is: suppose I have an edit with 50-60 dve moves...photos, logos, sponsors, how would afx behave with 50-60 sequences? also Premiere should have a revert to original mode to release afx if the edit no longer needs it ( a dissolve will do)....and perhaps a shift click to get you back to" the one you selected" in afx, or menu item "edit in AFX"... Does afx work with titles? it didn't seem to.  Notticed some aspect issues with some logo files too when they went to afx....round logo switched to oval....anyway it is a great dve finally made feasible by intel! Guess I better look at the tutorials for some better info....and readers please post!

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  In the past I have used Matrox, CanopusFX, HollywoodFX, Boris Graffiti and BorisFX and a number of other plug-ins. However, the frequency with which I used these plug-ins did not make it economical to keep these up-to-date. The cost of upgrading to the newest version each time made me lose interest, especially since both PR and AE gave me all I needed. The only plug-ins I still use are Color Finesse, Magic Bullet Looks and Pixelan Spicemaster. These suffice for me. I'm not interested in cheesy effects or transitions, mostly dissolves are quite sufficient, especially when used in combination with Spicemaster.


                  I do recognize that Graffiti was/is very capable of creating nice looking titles, but AE can achieve the same results. The drawback is the learning curve. Graffiti is more user-friendly, but then again the question arises how often do I need that and is it worth the upgrade price? At one moment, some years ago, I noticed that my software investment was over 15000 euro just for editing. This was extreme IMO for a mere hobbyist. So I decided to take a step back. I can get by perfectly for my purposes with PR, AE, MBL and Spicemaster.