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    export to AVCHD?

    sunlit777 Level 1

      Can please anyone enlighten me?

      I must be dumb, or else - where is the option to export to AVCHD, since this format is natively supported?

      I am editing .mts clips from my HD Sony cam, they are 1920x1080 25i AVCHD format, and when exporting the resulting movie I can only choose h264 bluray (or mpeg2 bluray, or whatever else) BUT NOT NATIVE AVCHD!

      with high quality h264 blueray preset I get files double the size of original ones.

      WHERE is the option to export back to AVCHD without any transcoding (except for the transitions and effects) - to save time, space and quality? Is this some sort of copyright limitation due to the fact that Adobe does not have the AVCHD codec license or what?

      Which codec/settings combination would be recommended for export of AVCHD if the primary aim is to get files of identical image quality and not too much bloated in size?

      Thank you.

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          You should want your clips out of avchd format as soon as possible; not back into it.

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            sunlit777 Level 1

            care to elaborate? What can be better than the original format of the shoot? I thought any transcoding was detrimental to quality.

            Please suggest what codec/settings I should use while exporting from Premier to keep full original quality and not to double the size?

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              Curt Wrigley Level 4

              AVCHD is highly complressed.  Writing back to that format will cause it to go theough the compression a 2nd time which is bad.  Yes; even if you just make a cut.  Why?  It is temporally complressed so if you cut a frame that is needed to build the 4th frame back - recompression is needed.


              You can edit it natievly in Pr; then export it to ther final distantion format for delivery.   If that is for bluray; then bluray.  If its for web; then web.


              It seems like you want to save an intermediate file.  Can you explain why?

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                sunlit777 Level 1

                well, one of the reasons is that AVCHD seems to be more compact with regard to file size.

                and sometimes I just add a few transition effects and not touch the video in any other way - in this case it would be nice to just render the transitions and put everything back together quickly without transcoding the whole sequence.


                Please note that my original question was not about reasons for exporting to AVCHD, but about the AVAILABILITY of such an OPTION in Adobe Premier. So you confirm that this options is simply NOT AVAILABLE?

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                  Powered by Design Level 4

                  They say on the Main Concept site that the Adobe plug-in can export back to AVCHD




                • MPEG smart rendering.
                • Native MPEG-1/2 and H.264/AVC editing.
                • Many ready-to-use project presets for many different occasions.
                • Many ready-to-use export presets, such as Blu-ray, Sony PSP, Apple iPod, AVCHD, DVD etc.
                • AAC, PCM, MPEG Audio and Dolby Digital support.
                • Fast AVCHD editing support to optimize your workflow.
                • Native support for the latest HDV camcorders from Sony, JVC or Canon.
                • Real-time capture to MPEG.
                • Direct export to HDV tape.
                • IEEE 1394 output during editing and scrubbing.
                • More editable encoding options and a wider range of parameter values.



                  http://www.mainconcept.com/site/prosumer-products-4/mpeg-pro-hd-7850/features-7861.html?L= 0


                  Maybe this is what you want


                  Enjoy:  Glenn

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    WHERE is the option to export back to AVCHD without any transcoding


                    Not possible in Premiere alone.


                    For the kind of editing you describe, you may want to look at a consumer editor.  It may suit your needs better than Premiere Pro.

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                      sunlit777 Level 1

                      MpegPro codec from MainConcept seems like a good idea, thanks for the first helpful hint in this thread. However it seem to be available for Windows platform only. I use Mac.

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                        Powered by Design Level 4

                        you could always capture back to your camera then re-import if you really want it in AVCHD


                        of course that would be allot of work and stress on your camera.


                        If you dont mind.  Why do you want to save a AVCHD file ?


                        What is the final product you want ?  DVD ? WEB ?


                        There seems no reason to save it back to AVCHD.  But like you said you just wanted the option to do it.


                        Sucks when you find an option then you fine out there is NOT a Mac version.


                        I have lately wanted to get a Mac but have been a PC user for so long..



                        Enjoy:  Glenn

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          you could always capture back to your camera


                          Unlikely.  AVCHD cameras aren't like DV or HDV; they don't use Firewire.  Media is recorded to solid state cards or internal hard drives, then simply copied over to your edit rig, rather than being 'captured'.

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                            sunlit777 Level 1

                            Jim is correct, no back capture is possible, my cam stores video as .mts files on its hard drive.

                            The reason I wanted AVCHD is to archive video footage in its native quality, with minimum recompression loss. Plus it seems AVCHD is quite good at keeping file size to a minimum.

                            The files I am getting with adobe encoder (h264 blueray preset) are usually 1.5-2 times larger.

                            Can anyone suggest what is the best way to deal with my 25i interlaced footage? I havent found the option in h264 encoder to deinterlase, there is option of which field to use first, upper or lower.. Is there a way to get rid of interlacing and output progressive (I mean in the built-in mainconcept h264 coder, supplied by Adobe Encoder)

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              I assume you use AVCHD for the high resolution. Why would you want to get rid of the interlacing, turning it into progressive, when you say you want to keep maximum quality? Deinterlacing throws away half the vertical resolution and you end up with material that can not be burned to BR, because the BR specs do not allow that.

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                                Jim_Simon Level 8

                                The files I am getting with adobe encoder (h264 blueray preset) are usually 1.5-2 times larger.


                                For a file that is very heavily compressed to begin with, that is not such a bad thing.  It'll still be a hell of a lot smaller than Uncompressed.  I say go with it and get yourself a bigger hard drive if you need it.


                                Or, look at using a consumer editor for this type of work, one that can save out without a second layer of compression.

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                                  sunlit777 Level 1

                                  For all who may be interested - the Mainconcept MPEG HD plugin does just that! It has smart rendering option, which enables smart rendering in case input and output formats happen to coincide - so it renders just the transitions, and does not transcode the rest of the footage.

                                  Now I can finally say I found the procedure to output footage without quality loss (as was the case using Premier built-in export options) - recommend to anyone who cares to edit his footage and then archive without quality loss!

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Thank you for sharing your experiences and your solution. I will try to catalog that and share it with others in the future.