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    dedicated editing machine, how can i do it?

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      based on my adventures (http://forums.adobe.com/message/2110601#2110601) with my 1st several iterations of editing / converting with PE7 i'm tyhinkning about trying something radical. if i wanted to build a dedicated encoding /editing machine to just do the heavly lifting, and then finesse it on my pc is that possible?


      i have an old server sitting around that has 8 cores, 16gb of memory, and 6 drive slots (2x73x15k sas boot partition RAID 1 / 4x36x15k sas data partition RAID 0).


      my thoughts are to try and load PE7 onto win 2k8r2 x64 and let that system do the rendering / processing. i could then map my BD-R burner over the all gigabit network to do the actually burning of the media.


      anyone ever tried something like this or see any reason it won't work? i know this is massive overkill, but it costs me nothing to try and it frees up my primary system from being completely useless fordays on end.


      if this is a dumb idea, please be honest and tell me why as well.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Some people have done it -- but I don't think it's necessary, d. This is, after all, a consumer program, and it's made to run on an off-the-shelf computer system. Like mine -- where it runs virtually hiccup free.


          Mine is an HP Pavilion. (HP and Dell use the most reliable parts, in my opinion.) Nearly five years old, and with a mere 2 gigs of RAM. Aside from a little extra RAM and and about a terrabyte of extra hard drive space, it's just as it was from the factory. And I use it for e-mail, Internet browsing and, between my daughter and me, about two dozen programs.


          I guess what I'm saying is that, if you're having problems with the program, it's likely something more fundamental than a software conflict or spyware interference. And, unless you resolve that issue, you may end up just creating a dedicated computer that still drives you crazy running Premiere Elements!


          But, if you can tell us what type of video you edit, what time of camcorder it comes from and what you ultimately plan to output it as, I'm sure we can recommend specs for you.