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    bitdefender says flex  is a virus? This has to be a postive positive (False alarm)

    the_missing_link Level 1

      Okay I'm experiencing some random acts of weirdness with my anti-virus saying flex is a virus. I'm sure it is just a positive-positive (false, not real) and that bitdefender is just confused. I always try to air on the side of caution so I'm posting the warnings I recieved.

      Virus name exploit.SWF.Gen

      path: flex\frameworks\libs\air\applicationupdater_ui.swc=>library.swf

      Virus name exploit.SWF.Gen


      virus name exploit.SWF.Gen local\temp\adobeupdate\extensions\adobe flash 10 (the rest is so long I can't type it all accurately)


      anyways I just want adobe to know about this and I want to make sure that these are errors from my anti-virus even though I'm pretty darn sure they are.