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    Sliceing a photo and then rotating it.Maybe with feather.

    JerryCied Level 1

      I have an image 2.5 in wide and 3.5 in high (300 dpi).


      I want to convert this image into a playing card as in a face card.


      The image is a drawing of a king head to toe.

      I want to slice the photo in a diagonal. A diagonal that passes through the exact center of the image.

      I want to throw away the bottom part of the image. I want to copy and rotate 180 degrees the top half to replace the bottom halk i just discared.



      In the end i want the image to be like the king of hearts in a deck of cards.


      Also the line the cuts the original image may be straight accross or at a diagonal. It may also be a symetrical curve that fits into itself after the copy and rotate.


      I cant seem to get past the cut part.

      I have tried polygon lassoo but cant garentee that it passes the exact center.

      I would like to draw a freehand irregular cut and end it on the exact center, then flip the line so that the rest of the line mirors the first halh in such a way as to fit exactly after the cut and rotate.



      I hope i am clear on my question.

      Thank you up front.

      Jerry C