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    CS4 Filters gone


      I work as a tactile graphic artist, managing a corps of artists who transcribe graphics in college-level textbooks into embossed graphics that can be read by vision-impaired students. Our graphics need to be replicas of the originals, so we can’t “fudge” them. My problem is, specifically, creating sine waves. It was a real breeze, using the zig-zag filter—until we upgraded to CS4. Yes, it’s there as a live effect, but it’s not editable. If the sine wave needs to begin at a specific spot two-thirds the way up the rise and cut off at three-eighths on the down-slope 4 waves later, you just can’t do that with the zig-zag effect. That is, unless someone can tell me how to do it.


      We used to use the same filter for showing a resistor, but now we just use the alignment feature.


      Any suggestions, other than just doing the obvious Bezier drawing?

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          Object>Expand Appearance then the scissor tool.


          I know his is not a sine but it shows how simple it is. I would save a copy of the original with the effect unexpanded. That way if you have to change it a little bit it will not to be too inconvenient.

          Picture 2.png

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            Pilcrow Level 1

            Oho! The "Expand Appearance" is the answer! It's as simple as that. Of course, it's always simple if you know the answer. I don't think I've ever dealt with Expand Appearance before. And I've been using AI since it was owned by Aldus and before it even had a number...just Illustrator (something like 1987 because the next version was Illustrator 88).


            I swear, I'm forever finding out new things with this wonderful program. Thanks so much for your quick response Wade. It totally answers my problem.



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              [scott] Level 6

              FYI.. the Filters menu isn't "gone." Its merely changed.



              All the previous filters are now in the Effects menu, as you've discovered. However, if you have any third party filters installed, the Filter menu now appears under Object > Filter. But it only shows up if you have additional plug ins installed.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                Glad it was the answer it seemed from your post that you were missing 

                this information.


                When I wrote that I was simple I was hoping it would make you feel 

                that all is still workable so no need to worry.


                And i agree if you do not know the answer it is often disturbing not 

                to be able to see the solution.

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                  JETalmage Level 6

                  Adobe Illustrator was never owned by Aldus.



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                    Pilcrow Level 1

                    You're right, of course, JET... I was confusing it with Persuasion. I was so bummed that MS PowerPoint forced it off the market. IMHO, it was a much superior presentation program. but MS was offering PP bundled with Word, etc. in "Office." Thanks for keeping me honest.