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    cross-platform baOpenFile


      I have an application with hundreds of small movies so i need to put them into a folder (called dswmedia) and an .exe and macintosh app to launch the application, outside the folder.


      I'm using MX2004 and working on a PC XP2 to develop my app.


      I have been trying to use baOpenFile to go from the .exe or .osx to a .dcr inside the dswmedia folder.


      It works easily on the PC, but when I try on the Mac I get the error message "The application Projector quit unexpectedly."


      I have checked every line of code and am sure the error doesn't happen until it comes to the line baOpenFile. I've checked the path on the Mac and it is correct.


      I have tried opening another projector instead of the .dcr file, but it still quits unexpectedly. I have also tried a pdf document but it quit.


      Can someone please tell me what I have to do to get it to work on the Mac?


      any suggestion will be very welcome.



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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          You absolutely do NOT use Buddy API's baOpenFile() method to navigate from one movie to another, you use _movie.go(frame, movie). I don't know where or how you got the idea that Buddy was a solution here.

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            nevereasy Level 1

            thanks so much Sean ... such a simple answer!


            now it is almost working!!!, but it has a different problem, related to the cross-platform path for external script,

            for some reason, when I open my app on the mac it is looking for the external script linked to the first movie, and is asking for it using a pc path.



            so I will open a new discussion.