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    Illustrator CS4 does not save anything

    sana.com.au Level 1

      I have been working on a file not very big around several megs. no images, just text. but every time i want to save the file. it gives a message of "cant save the file. cant print the file", that is for when i try to save as: .ai format.  and when i try to save it as: .eps it says,

      "An unknown error has occured" and it does not save. but on both cirumstances illustrator does not quit. it use to do that and illustrator would then suddenly quit.

      it does not allow me to save as any other file formats. except FXG format. which i never use.


      i know, it is perhaps some kind of permission or preset or somthing similar issue, which i dont know. i tried reinstalling illustrator countless times. this porblem always comes in some form or another. i am very frustrated, dont know what else to try except keep reinstalling it again and again.

      but that seem to be only working for a short period of time. then iam faced with the same thing again.



      for you info: i have windows XP SP3 home, with 8600GTS graphic card, 2 Gig ram, TB of space, 80 Gb for windows. everything else on my machine is fine. except when running ily.


      your help is much appreciated.