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    how to make an url



      i have a problem. i have to compile something in actionscript 2.0 and i have 2 flashes (2 fla files), that must be connected. i want to make an url with a button, to go to the next flash, when you are done with the first (to explain: i'm making interactive elements for e-learing at faculty and i have to do tasks for students.) so, how to make an url in actionscrtipt 2.0 from one flash to another, if the task is filled in correctly. thank you for your help!



      p.s. swf filles are attached.


      p.s.s. the best solution i've found was "facebook quizes like" passing. i mean when i answer to one thing, another thing comes from the right, 'till the end of the quiz.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If they will be separate swf files on different html pages then you would use getURL(http://www..../otherpage.html);


          If they will be separate swf files loaded into the same file, or one into the other, you would use loadMovie() or MovieClipLoader.loadClip().


          For what you showed and seem to be describing, you could just combine them into the same swf file and not have separate files.

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            christinchy Level 1

            look, here is my code:



            i have 2 separate files, but none of them online. the source is my home folder on my laptop. and i want to make a path from the home folder, from one to another.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              In the code that you show I see where you have the line: loadMovie("./1-2.swf", _get);

              When you use the loadMovie function you need to specify a target movie in which the file will be loaded.  Unfortunately, with what you show for code commentary, I cannot translate the language, and I also cannot tell what file that code is in or how these separate files you speak of are realted.


              As I said in my previous reply, you may be better off creating this as one file.  I see that someone else who commented on your web page also suggested this.  It will probably be much easier for you to manage.

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