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    Cant get the right format for .mpg-Please help!


      Hi Ive used adobe premiere yrs ago on a school computer but never ran into this problem before.  I just downloaded a 30 day trial of premiere 6.0 and I have windows XP. Im trying to cut a few sec off the beginning of a 2 min .mpg I have recorded from a Sony Cybershot DSC-H5. When I go to New Project I dont know which preset to pick so I tried all of them and every time I import the file it plays very choppy and the video and audio is off. I tried doing a custom but I failed at that also. The file properties of the video are as follows:



      File Path: C:\Documents and Settings\Barnett Walker\Desktop\My Music\Love in this Club.MPG
      File Size: 41.85MB bytes
      Total Duration: 0:02:00:15
      Average Data Rate: 355.41KB per second
      Image Size: 640 x 480
      Pixel Depth: 0 bits
      Frame Rate: 25.00 fps


      Audio: 32000 Hz - 16 bit - Mono



      Can someone please help me and explain what is going on so I can stop beating my head against the wall? or perhaps if there's another way of cutting the beginning out that someone knows about?                                      

                                                                                          thanks    -BB