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    Datagrid popout itemEditor/Render with Hiearchical data

    jDubz_ Level 1

      I'm using an  Datagrid in which I want a column to behave like a combobox to allow the user to select an item from a list. In addition, the list is hiearchical data.


      I have hacked together an AdvancedDatagrid as the itemEditor to serve that function, however, it does not pop out in front of of the dataGrid when editing the column. I can probably hack something together to do this, but I figure it would be more logical to use something that already behaves like that, such as the ComboBox would. I've read that a PopUpMenuButton can take hiearchical data as its dataProvider, but I'm having a problem. The only thing that shows up in the label/popup menu for the button is one entry "[Object HiearchicalData]". I can't seem to access the nested items inside that Object. What am I missing? I'm using the same dataProvider that works fine in the AdvancedDatagrid, but the problem occurs in all other controls that can take hiearchical data.


      Thanks in advance.