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    [CS4/JS] Ann: Updated Javascript Help to 2.1.3

    [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

      I weeded out a few annoyances from my set of CS4 Help files -- "Page", for instance, was tagged as a superclass of "PageItems".

      I also added graphic links from a superclass to its members, using the same dotted rectangle as for the other way around. Hope that makes relations a bit clearer. The total number of internal links now tops out at over 61,000.


      The CHM version is improved by adding an Index, so you (finally!) can browse immediately to any class, enumeration, method, or property. The CHM converter has a bit of a problem with lots of the same entries ("parent", for example), so there are a few oddities. Most of the index entries work fine, however.


      Downloadable from my site: http://www.jongware.com/idjshelp.html -- only the CS4 set has changed.


      [Edit] Deleted unnecessary rant on unacknowledged copies. YOU know who you are!