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    embed HTML tag

      Hi I am toatally new to Flex. and i like RIA.

      I have a question.

      can I embed html tag into flex controls line in panel control?

      for example I want to use <table></table> into flex's 'panel' control.

      this requirement arose beacase, I have some raw code from my previous ajax application with simple html and javascript, and typically I used to use them as div-Id.innerHTML="<table><row><td>hello</td></tr><table>"

      i simple want to reuse my code with flex RIA

      I shall be highly oblized if anybody could help me as soon as possible.


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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          You could have a text (Text, TextArea, etc.) control in your Panel and set the htmlText property, but Flex supports a rather limited set of HTML tags, and table is not supported.

          Better to dive into Flex and use DataGrid or AdvancedDataGrid.

          Anchor tag (<a>)
          Bold tag (<b>)
          Break tag (<br>)
          Font tag (<font>)
          Image tag (<img>)
          Italic tag (<i>)
          List item tag (<li>)
          Paragraph tag (<p>)
          Text format tag (<textformat>)
          Underline tag (<u>)