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    centering my pdf file


      i am using openoffice spreadsheets to create art which i sell. it is colored squares that are transformations in a code i invented of english into binary. i have recently started using open office and find it is not generally available, specifically at kinko's for printing. pdf they can handle, so i am looking to bone up on adobe reader, concentrating on my specific problems.


      here is the first problem i have found:


      it looks like the pdf file i created from my artwork ods file--openoffice--is not centered. the colored squares are not centered and there are some rogue, but dim, borders on two edges of the target content that are increasing my uncertainty of just what i will be getting when i print. i need my print, which will be a pleasing, portrait view, rectangle, to be centered on the page.


      any help will be appreciated.


      thanks very much.