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    Can't get past load screen


      I've used Premiere Element 7.0 a lot. It had been a couple months but when I went to open it the other day it wouldn't get past the "load screen," or whatever you call it, the small box that appears right at startup that has all the program authors listed. That box appears for a brief second and then goes away.


      Never had any problems before. Already tried re-installing the software. Someone mentioned quicktime for a probably related to running premiere and tried updating Quictime as well.


      I don't think it has anything to do with my system. Everything should be fast and big enough. I'm not sure everything that you would need to know, but I'll just list what I see: I have Windows Vista 64 bit. 4 gb ram. Intel Core2 Duo T7250 @ 2ghz





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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >Windows Vista 64 bit


          Not actually supported, so PE is running in 32bit compatibility mode... so... exactly what are your program settings?


          This is aimed a Premiere Pro, but may help


          First, work through all of the steps here http://ppro.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting


          If your problem isn't fixed, report back with the DETAILS asked for in the questions at the end of that link

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Since it used to work, but now does not, I'd contemplate what has changed, since it did last work. Things like an OS update, new hardware and software, can do this.


            While you are thinking about what has changed, I'd go to the manufacturers' Web sites and download the latest driver for your audio and for your video. Also, check that you have the latest version of Apple's QuickTime player.


            Good luck, and please report how it goes. If the drivers and QT Player do not help, please tell about what has changed.