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    Add Multiple Effects to a Single Clip at Different Times

    Lost In My Mind Level 1

           Ok, first post here. Just a little history about myself, I am a senior member of the Sony Vegas board, power user of Photoshop, newb of Premiere, and total newb of After Effects. I have looked at every tutorial, PDF, help manual, Google, FAQ, etc. (In other words I have done my due diligence before posting) for the past 6 weeks and feel as though I know next to nothing :/

           So many questions, so few brain cells...........The current problem I am having is; say I have a clip in the time line and I want to add an effect to it 10 seconds in (use 'shatter' as an example). When I add the effect, it begins at the start of the clip, so I found the Ctrl + Shift + D trick and thought that would take care of it, but the effect is still in the same point in time (10 seconds) in the newly created clip. I have tried shortening the clip, but it acts more like slip editing and doesn't seem to help. How can I get this to work, and then heaven forbid if I want to add another effect at a later point on the clip? Over the years, I have helped hundreds of people, and answered thousands of posts, I hope someone will take the time to help me. Thanks