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    Question about JSON/ArrayCollection access


      Hi, I'm a beginner of Flex.


      I'm creating an app. It is on Rails framework. The front end is a Flex interface, while the back end is connected to a MySQL database. Now I'm having some trouble to access the data.


      To retrieve the data, I use RoR to find all the data from DB, and render it into a JSON structure. This step has no problem, as I can see the data structure is like this in my browser:


      [{"map": {"A": "aaa", "B": "bbb", "C": "ccc"}}, {"map": {"A": "aaa", "B": "bbb", "C": "ccc"}}]


      The next step is to decode JSON data into an ArrayCollection. In my .mxml file, I use a HTTPService to post all the JSON data. The code is this:



      <mx:HTTPService id="getData" url="/maps/create" method="POST" result="getAllData(event)" />



      In my .as file, the function is this:



      private function getAllData(event:ResultEvent):void


           var rawData:String = new String(event.result);

           allDataArray = JSON.decode(rawData);

           allDataArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(allDataArray);




      Everything seems right till this step. When I use allDataArrayCollection.length, I can see there are 120 record. However, when I try to access the arrayCollection data, I have problem. For example, if I want to create another arrayCollection to contain only attribute A and B data inside allDataArrayCollection, I would do this:


      private function getNewData():void {


           for (var i:int = 0; i < allDataArrayCollection.length; i++) {









      However, it doesn't work. The newDataArrayCollection is empty. What makes it confusing is that, when I tried to access a specific item in .mxml file by using this:




      It worked.


      I have the feeling that this is a small problem, but I am really stuck with it. Could someone please help me? I'd truly appreciate. Thanks!