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    Text won't fade in with motion tween

    Small Town Gal Level 1

      Dear All,

      I am new to Flash and trying to do a simple fade in of text with a motion tween.  I have entered text, converted to graphic symbol, set alpha channel on frame 1 to 0% and on frame 30 to 100%, the add motion tween.  The text simply pops back in at frame 30 with no fade in between 0 and 30 at all.  I have text set as static.  Is this a Flash bug?  I am working with Flash CS3.  The same thing happened when I tried to do a zoom with a graphic and I had to break the two objects apart before I got any motion tween between them.  This is not working with text, however.  Any suggestions?

      Small Town Gal.

      Adobe Flash CS3  Mac Pro  Tiger 10.4.11