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    Resizable text

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      I am trying to make an application that will be viewable in all possible screen reolutions when it's finished. To do this I've used percentage values for all sizes i.e my outer container has a width and height of 80% so it will take up 80% of the screen no matter what size screen or resolution it is viewed in and all my containers inside the outer container are also based on percentag sizing.


      My problem is how do you make text such as text within labels resize? What I mean is let's say I have a label that is fontsize 22 and is inside a small box, if I resize the app to a smaller reolution the width of this box will get smaller and cut off some of the text. What's the best way to fix this so the label and it's text will also resize by the same percentage with it's container box because as I understand it you can only use specific values for text and not percentage sizes?


      I basically want to design the application so that EVERY single element resizes at the same rate as the others.