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    Veeery long time to open




      My Adobe After Effects CS3 takes a veeery long time to open. I double-clicked the shortcut on the desktop for it exactly 20 minutes ago from now, and it's still not open. I remember it opening within about 1 minutes months ago, and then recently it took about 5-10 minutes, but now it's worse than ever. Any possible things I could try to minimize the load time?




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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Anything over 60 seconds for application launch suggests a problem.


          Problems with plugins or fonts are common causes of launch slow-down.  Which processes are occurring when the delay happens?  Have you moved any plugins or font collections recently?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Your disks are full, I'd say. Check the AE prefs and clean out the Media Cache. Startup takes forever, because AE is looking up and veryfying each single file in the cache. If you never changed it, it defaults to C:\Documents and Settings\You\Application Data\Adobe on Windows XP for instance. If you look it up, you surely wil lsee several gigabytes of files In addition, do some generic system maintenance by ways of CCleaner and defragmenting your drive. also look for auto-saves, render logs and other stuff. Of course Andrew is also right - flakey fonts, CoDecs and even modified graphics card settings can sometimes have the weirdest side effects on system health....



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You may also have a corrupted font or some bad memory. Did this problem just start?