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    Full Motion Recording Problems

      I have been trying to do full motion screen captures, of a website and occasionally filling forms while doing so in the capture. However after the recording is completed, captivate seems to miss the mouse clicks. The clicks are misplaced completely. I click some place and the action happens at a different place.

      Is this a know issue? If yes could a Adobe Tech give a time line as to when this issue will be fixed, as my institution bought this expensive software for screen captures and for producting tutorials, and I'm very disappointed to see such results.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Anish

          I know you are dismayed, but Captivate probably isn't to blame here. Think of it this way. You purchase a Ferrari and paid a lot of money for it. The darn thing is fast but you have to throttle it back to drive on the roads.

          Well, it's sort of a similar situation. Think about the actions you are performing. Captivate is installed and running on your local PC. Running quite fast too. You are reporting mismatched slides. I'm assuming that this may include blank slides and slides where the click doesn't quite match the action. Here's what happens and it happens most often when recording Web sites.

          You have to consider the actions that occur with a Web site. You click a link, right? But what does that link actually do? I'll tell you what it does. It sends a command back to the Web server. The command usually results in asking the Web server to serve up a different page. So off the server goes, fetches the page and sends it back to your browser, where it is then presented to you.

          So Captivate sees the click and BAM! It grabs the screen. But that screen probably hasn't fully repainted. It may be blank. Waiting to receive the results from the server!

          The bottom line here is to pay close attention to your recording. Listen to the camera shutter sound. Note if it seems to be mismatched to the screen activity. If so, tap the Print Screen key to coax Captivate into adding a screen. The goal is to end up with more screens than you need. After all, it's far easier to remove what you don't need than it is to try and capture it after the fact.

          Cheers... Rick
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            i_max2k2 Level 1
            Hello Rick,

            thanks for answering my question. I do understand what your saying, and having additional screenshots would definitely help. But my problem is more like, when I click on a link the capture that took that misplaces the position of the cursor, so that say I'm clicking on reply in the forum here, and captivate would capture the cursor clicking on a different part of the screen, I hope you can understand what I'm saying, this happens before the next page is loaded. Also while scrolling down a webpage, I see captures of white blank pages, when all of the content has loaded in the browser. Is there any way to help this.

            The reason I got frustrated before was, after completing a entire tutorial, which took a lot of time, I had to redo the entire tutorial with static screenshots, which kind of defeated the purpose of buying this program, I could have just used snag it and power point.

            Thanks again for your help.

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              In Edit mode, you can drag the click boxes anywhere you would like (correct click location). I had to do this a few times. I also had to delete extra screens I didn't need, among a host of other manual edits. Captivate seems to do 95% of the job automatically, but leaves the user to finish up--and this is typically quite tedious.