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    Full screen mode problems on Windows XP

    Daniel Freeman

      I've added a full-screen feature to an application.  Everything works fine for me.  MacOS+Safari.  But I another developer on my team is having problems...


      He says, "In my Windows XP environment using Internet Explorer 8.0.6xxx I experience the following:


      •     when change to full screen mode, the application does not resize. The browser clearly switched and takes entire screen by our main panel stays the same size and is displayed in the corner.
      • when in full screen mode no mouse activity works at all, system is unusable
      •     sometimes I see standard message regarding using <esc> key to wexit full screen and our message regarding some keyboard functions won't work. These messages do not appear all the time."


      (The second message he refers to is something I wrote, not a system message).


      Apparently, if he clicks escape, the application returns to within the browser window, and everything works as normal again.


      Has anyone else experienced this behaviour switching to full-screen?