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    Default alignment of <s:Button and <s:Simpletext does not fit together

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      the default alignment of <s:Button and <s:Simpletext does not fit together:

      The following code has a ugly result, as the Simpletext is far above the botton.


          <s:HGroup id="CountryGroup">
              <s:SimpleText id="countriesSpt" text="Country"/>
              <s:DropDownList id="countriesDdl" prompt="Please choose" dataProvider="{countriesAc}" labelField="label"           close="countriesDdlCloseHandler(event)"/>       



              public var countriesAc:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(
                  [ {label:"Germany", data:1},
                    {label:"USA", data:2},
                    {label:"France", data:3} ]);


                  private function countriesDdlCloseHandler(event:Event):void {
                       Alert.show("Selection" + countriesDdl.selectedItem.label.toString());


      What is the best way to adapt *all* Simpletext in the program with *one* peace of code?


      Thanks for any pointers!


      Martin Zach