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    Clips always unrendered and offline when project is loaded


      Having a weird problem at the moment that seems to make no sense at all, so any help would be vastly appriciated. Currently have a project where everytime it is loaded up all the footage with effects on, or with titles, says media offline, despite the clips still being avaible and accesible within the program. However, when any variable is clicked in the Effect Control panal on a clip, for example the clip's Scale, the clip comes back, but unrendered. When I say click on any of the variables I don't mean change any of them, just the simple act of clicking on the number 100 next to Scale brings the clip back. Bizzarre to say the least! Obviously this is starting to get very annoying, as the act of clicking on every clip's Scale and rendering before any new work can be done on the project is getting very tiresome...


      Any help?